The Bamboo Coaster Bike

Jig holding Headset, BB shell, seat post insert, and dropouts in space with foam blocks glued on and bamboo tubes tack glued in place (with hot glue).

Foam joint seat cluster with bamboo tubes butted to it.  Foam being shaped and rounded as convex as possible for later supporting the tight wrapping of resin soaked carbon fiber ribbon.  Seat post sleeve (to accept standard seat post) is already epoxied into hole in bamboo seat tube.

Fellow builder filing and shaping her formerly blocky joints (made from 10 lb/cuft dense "strong" foam)

Shown with compression tape (white and purple electrical tape wrapped sticky side out) squeezing the excess resin from the carbon fiber wrapped joints.  It cured this way overnight.


Bamboo Coaster Bike

Frame Materials:  Thick walled bamboo tubes, foam joint blocks wrapped in fiberglass and carbon fiber with resin.  Has steel head tube, BB shell, Seat post sleeve, and rear dropouts.

Weight as pictured: 24 lbs

What was I thinking?:

I wanted to learn BambooBikeStudio's construction technique, and teaching style.

How Does it ride?:

It is stable and well behaved at all speeds, way too normal.  It rides firm and smooth.   The bike has a very solid feel.  

What Changed before the photos?:


What may change later on this bike?:

I got nothing.

What would I do differently on another attempt?:

I would make a bigger rack.

What lessons were learned?:

It works well and looks cool.  The construction technique is strong and adaptable to other designs.

What are the keeper developments?:

Unmitered carbon wrapped foam joints

Other variations in mind

I want to build a cargo bike (for practical rrasons) and a small triangle bike for beauty and simplicity.

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