Lawn Mower Bike
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Lawn Mower Bike

Frame Materials:   Bike + steel yoke (fork to handle connector)

What was I thinking?:

I had seen a joke photo on the web and wanted to try my own version of mower bike.

How Does it ride?:

It is a straight up vertical tricycle with wide front axel so arm strength is needed to steer, leaning does not work.   It is a small frame and better suited to sort legs.   It has a low gear but perhaps it should be lower 1:1 on a 20" wheel.   Slow speed is desirable and the blades are geared up so it seems nice to gear the bike down for leverage.


Important things to make it work:

Vertical head tube for steering w/o leaning (sloped head tubes pitches the rider to the outside of the turn).   Long cranks and Low gearing for lots of leverage and slow speed.   Fixed cog (welded freewheel) for reverse capability.   Low head tube to reduce drag bending torque on headset.   Wide handlebars for steering leverage.   Low BB for a low seat to put feet to ground.  


What may change later on this bike?:

I may put on a larger roller behind the blade (to carry my weight better.   I may reduce the head tube height by shortening the fork or mower yoke connected to the fork.   I may have to re-weld the top tube for vertical head tube and add some length for more foot to blade clearance.   I may go to a lower gear.   Perhaps toe clips will add power and protect toes.

What would I do differently on another attempt?:

I might start with a 20" frame and cut the fork short until the head tube is vertical.   I might start with a bigger bike for more leg extension.   I may build a frame to achieve: small back wheel, low BB, long top tube for more blade room while making sharp turns, low vertical steering tube and low seat position.

What lessons were learned?:

It looks cool and is marginally working.

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